Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Artist

Yesterday it was all about the ladies! I spend time with my friend Liz eating, shopping, and we even got to watch a movie! If you're into watching great 2012 Oscar nominated films, The Artist was beautiful directed and had a nice old time feel to it...well, considering it's filmed in black and white and pretty much a silent film.... I liked it!

After spending the day with Liz, I went to visit my friend Kim at the bar she works at. The Gallery Cabaret last night hosted a comedy hour, live band, and a birthday party! Kim also has her art on display. Behind the bar there were some really nice paintings and prints from other artists, but this one particular painting caught my eye.

In childhood, time is kind. A moment is swallowed whole, by senses open and able. - Nicoleta Baumeister

The bar owner's granddaughter painted this for him. I thought it was really awesome to have a child's piece of artwork in an adult surroundings. It brought some nostalgia in me of painting flowers and trees in watercolor or tempera paint, hanging them on the walls of my bedroom, imagining that they're on the walls of a museum.

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