Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ninong Bill

Today I bid farewell to a wonderful man, my Godfather Bill Brassfield, aka Ninong Bill. He was a great father, wonderful grandfather, amazing husband, and well loved man. He found God and loved to learn as much as he possibly could so he can live the life that the Lord wanted. He was a quiet man that loved unconditionally. He will be greatly missed.

During the service my Godsister Tracy's daughter Bella was passing out handouts with Ninong Bill's photo and a beautiful poem written by Emily McAdams. There are a few parts of the poem that meant so much to me because I can envision him basically do what the words say...

"At last I reach my final home
The gates swing open wide
I get a glimpse of glory
I can't wait to get inside...

And then I spot my loved ones
they've been here many years
We hug and kiss each other
All smiles, there are no tears..."

I don't have many photos of him and I, but the one that I will cherish always is my baptism photo with him.

You can shed tears that he is gone, or you can smile that he has lived...

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